Yayasan Widya Guna
Yayasan Widya GunaYayasan Widya GunaYayasan Widya GunaYayasan Widya Guna


Jennifer Robinson
I have recently been to visit this centre and was overwhelmed by the lovely children and the care they receive at the centre. It was an emotional visit and a highlight of a fabulous visit to Java and Bali. I will treasure the visit and the souvenirs I purchased that had been made by the children. Keep up the good work.
Lin Su
Dear Ketut and Nyoman, it’s my first time to be a volunteer, what you and the naive children gave me will be an unique part of my life. Never thought I could meet such nice people like you, one week is too short, just when I realized how limited my ability is, time is over. Hope to see you again and always stand by you.
Dear Ketut, Nyoman and the children of Yayasan. I can't believe it's almost been a year since my visit to Bedulu. I have thought everyday of the work you do and the amazing people I met along the way. I grew so much as a person from the experience you gave me. Thank you and I hope to visit you in the future. Love and best wishes to you all xxx
Ad and Tanja
Dear Ketut and Nyoman, We were so happy to see you again this week and we Will meet again next week:). Again we are impressed by all THE good work you are doing for all of the kids. The improvements at the yayasan and the om going loving support you give to the kids.
Jan pickard
Thank you Ketut and Nyomane for allowing us to visit the beautiful children you care for. The two days we visited were the highlight of our holiday. It was so nice to finally meet Kacu and Atun. All of the children are polite and so loving. I look forward to the emails the children send me and look forward to my next visit. You are both amazing soles doing a wonderful job, thank you .
Colleen Davidson
Last month I spent two weeks living with Nyoman and Ketut and teaching English at Yayasan. The family and children made me feel so welcome and I enjoyed my short stay. Planning to go back for longer next time. Keep up the great work Nyoman and Ketut, you are doing a wonderful and commendable job for the children of Bedulu!!
Marina den broeder
I visited the Yayasan in Januari together with my partner Gino Buth. We stayed in the geust house for 3 days. We had a great time with Ketut , Nyoman , Wayang and all the children! Teaching them some streetdance was really a great feeling, and having Gino\'s birthday together with the children was so special for us. We have so much respect for Ketut and Nyoman how they work with devotion and love for all these children. Thank you Yayasan Widya Guna for the great time we had together! Big hug
Brad Wilcox
My first visit with the kids left me pondering the many ways I intend to help them during the time that I plan to be in Bali and through continued support beyond. I will be in touch to join your project soon, and thank you for allowing us to visit today.
Giny & Max
Dear Nyoman & Ketut & the children! I was visiting the new Yayasan website - what a delight!! It is great, with a lot of beautiful pictures of you all, and very clear and easy to go through! Congratulations for this excellent work! We\\\\\\\'ll have to rework our French WINS website the same way! We miss you a lot! Greetings for us and Wayan Hugo!
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