Yayasan Widya Guna
Yayasan Widya GunaYayasan Widya GunaYayasan Widya GunaYayasan Widya Guna


Tanja en Ad Westerbeek
Dear Nyoman and Ketut, this site looks great! you know we are very happy to help you a little bit by doing your great job with the kids!With love
Hansa Eerelman
On my last visit to Bedulu, February 2011, I was really amazed by the progress in building the new classrooms and office. Last time in October 2010 me and my friend Rogier entertained the children on that spot, in the empty space in the fields with handfolded paper airplanes in a contest who could fly the greatest distance. Now, only three month further, that empty space was filled with buildings. Beautiful !! This website is also beautiful, I will make people aware of it during my never ending enthousiasm in telling about my new found love, Bedulu/Bali, it\'s Yayasan and the children and it\'s people there who became so important to me. My retirement as from next year, will be mostly well spent among my new found friends. Ketut and Nyoman, keep up this wonderful work. We meet soon again.
Dear Ketut, Nyoman, and the children - the yaysan really is one of those special places that stays embedded in the heart. Your work is inspiring and the beautiful children a testamant to this. Thinking of you all often. Love x ps) the new website looks great!
Dear ketut and Nyoman your work for the children is blessed by support from the heart and this beautifull site. Love Peggy
Heather Lucier
What an honor to visit Yayasan Widya Guna last week with our tour guides Nick & Cathy. Ketut, the work you are doing is so admirable ... the children are so well cared for and loved. Thank you for your work on your website as this helps me share Yayasan Widya Guna with friends here in Canada. Blessings, Heather
Maudy Peet Maidman
Dearest Ketut and Nyoman, Namaste. In Love and Light, Maudy
Ingrid Schmitz
Your website looks wonderful and I love what you and Nyoman do for these children. Anyone who has spent time with you and the kids know this work comes from the heart. Love to all of you and we hope to be back to visit this spring!
Ingrid Joustra
I, too, think you website looks really great, very informative. I hope it will let people in the whole world know of the good work you are doing. Bless you, Ingrid
Dear Nyomane dan ketut, Congratulations with your wonderful website. ibu is verry happy to stay with you all. Lots of love
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