Guest room

The yayasan is located close to Ubud–just a 15 min drive away. The comfortable rooms and family atmosphere of the yayasan make many people happy to come back to stay in our guest houses. We have guest houses in two locations. One is in our family compound and the other a short 5 minute walk from the yayasan. You’ll have fresh fruit or juice prepared for your breakfast which is included and will be ready for you on your request at your dining table.
We also have a food stall in the guesthouse for your lunch and dinner serving a variety of dishes including a vegetarian menu.


Transportation & Tours

Bali is famous for its beautiful views and unique culture, which is why Bali is one of the great tourist destinations in the world. There are many interesting things to experience in Bali, such as exploring the natural surroundings, attending cultural activities, and many other attractions and adventures. To explore all of these places, the yayasan transportation service is happy to take you with our experienced English speaking driver.

Children’s Charity Shop

The kids make local crafts and other items for sale in our children’s shop.
Show your appreciation by purchasing a souvenir from your visit. There are beads, post card, paintings, recycled plastic wallets and bags, hair pins and more available with name of the children and the price. Naturally, all the proceeds go to the children.