Yayasan Widya Guna, is a formal Indonesian non-profit organization, founded by Ketut Sadia and Gill Rijnenberg, and its doors opened in 2006. 

The Yayasan operates under the WINS Project umbrella, a Dutch Foundation, which also has associates in USA, Australia, France and UK. WINS stands for the Dutch phrase “Weeskinderen Indonesie Naar School”, which litterally means “Orphans in Indonesia to school”.

Yayasan Widya Guna has now become a place where Balinese children can receive a good start in life. Orphans, the disabled and other children needing a helping hand are given the opportunity to obtain a good education, and become independent and responsible for their own future. As well as providing education, housing and regular food, a support net is also there for the children that require it. WINS works hard to ensure that every child has a sponsor, and the student has a responsibility to that sponsor. Every child has their own e-mail account, bank account and cashbook. They communicate with their sponsor via e-mail and report their balance every six months. Unlike other sponsorship programs the entirety of the donation goes into the children’s bank account and they manage their money with careful supervision from WINS. The aim of this system is to teach the children to be independent and responsible.

In the beginning the Yayasan took care of 12 orphans and a few very poor children from the village of Bedulu. This has increased to its current size of 100+ due to the number of disadvantaged children living locally and the open arm philosophy that always has room for one more. The facilitates and aid have expanded to meet the demands in an incredibly inspirational fashion. The children go to the local school in the morning then come to the Yayasan in the afternoon. Since disabled children are not integrated into Balinese schooling, the Yayasan welcomes these children with a range of disabilities and offers them full education, therapy and support in a number of forms.

Vision and Mission

Vision :
To be a self sufficient and transparent organization to accommodate the unprivileged children through a child sponsorship program.

Mission :
Educate the unprivileged Balinese children to be independent and bring them a better future with their own knowledge, culture and skills.
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The WINS Project

VisionThere are many poor children in Indonesia who cannot afford to go to school. These children will never see the inside of a classroom or know the joy of reading a book. Even the ones who are able to go to elementary school will go no further in their education due to a lack of family finances. Often, these children are forced to get menial jobs that pay less than a dollar for a full day of work. The children survive but have no way to break out of this menial existence.
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