By sponsoring a child you can help them receive an education.
If you wish to be a sponsor parent for one of our children please clik here

The System

  • A donor can sponsor a specific child or children.
  • Children will be nominated for the program by the applicable WINS Learning Center, after an assessment of the need and an evaluation of the child has been completed.
  • All sponsor donations will only be used for education purposes, and include:
  • School fees
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Uniforms, books, school supplies
  • Supplemental classes
  • Use of library, internet, etc.
  • However, the sponsor has the ability to make an additional donation that may be used for other purposes.
      For example:
  • Clothing
  • Savings Account
  • Healthcare
  • Other Needs
  • A individual financial plan will be prepared for each child, and gives an indication of the education costs.
  • The sponsor has the right to stop the sponsorship at anytime.

The Financial Structure………….

  • Each child has their own local bank account. As soon as the child can read and write, they will do their own bookkeeping under the supervision of the WINS Learning Center. In this way, the child will learn to deal with financial matters.
  • The donation will be transfered directly into the child’s bank account.
  • Twice a year, the child’s ledger will be sent to the sponsor.

The Communication Structure

  • Each child has their own e-mail account, so sponsor and child can communicate directly via e-mail.
  • The language used for this is English.
  • The children receive English and computer lessons at the WINS Learning Center.