Yayasan Widya Guna is not only place for normal kids, but we also have special needs children here. They will attend the class every morning start from 10 a.m until 3 p.m on Monday to Friday. we have 3 classrooms for them. Group A is for the wheel chair, group B for the autism & hyperactive and group C for the down syndrome.

They start the class with praying then continue it with do some yoga, gymnastic, reading, writing and also painting. Each class has their own schedule. Sometimes they also make handy craft and they will sell in our little shop. All this activities will be teach by their teacher. There are 5 local teachers here. We also have some volunteers who help us to teach and take care for our Special Needs children.

Until now, there are 36 special needs children in Yayasan Widya Guna. Most of them has a sponsor who help them to fulfill their needs like their education, healthy food and another things.

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